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ifva everywhere carnival 2018
ifva everywhere 影像嘉年華 2018

Extended Programmes 延伸活動

Presented by ifva 

The biennial “Jockey Club ifva Everywhere Carnival” is the highlight of the “Jockey Club ifva Everywhere” project. The inaugural ifva Carnival in 2016 pooled together 125 creative units and attracted 14,500 visits, successfully promoting creative media to the community. The ifva Carnival returns with another host of exciting programmes on 29 and 30 September at the Edinburgh Place in Central, including Open-air Screening, Film Tent, Cinematic Playground, Experience Zone and Pop-up Backyard, aiming to open up a new horizon about media culture for the visitors.

This year ifva collaborates with Alice Wong to design the arts learning programme for the Experience Zone. 

兩年一度的「賽馬會 ifva Everywhere – 影像嘉年華」為賽馬會 ifva Everywhere重點節目,於2016年首次舉辦,召集超過125個創作單位共同參與,並於兩天內吸引14,500人次入場,成功將創意媒體推廣至社區。今年9月29至30日假中環愛丁堡廣場回歸,將會展開兩日兩夜連串戶外精彩節目,包括露天放映、人民影院、互動藝術展影場、光影學堂及賣藝趁墟等,開拓公眾對影像文化的眼界。

黃嘉淇獲邀為「賽馬會 ifva Everywhere – 影像嘉年華」策劃【光影學堂】的藝術體驗節目

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