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WOW from home

WKCDA Arts Relief Scheme 2020


“WOW from Home” Pilot Project is conceived by Chung Siu Hei, Mok Ka Yan, Tam Yuk Ting Anne and Alice Wong. It aims to study the feasibility of transforming “participatory theatre”, “immersive theatre” and/or “documentary theatre” into online creation, rehearsal and performance under the advancement of technology and social media.


The research project will investigate different aspects including online interaction with audience and public participation, explore how various online social applications (for example, online meeting and chatroom) can help extend the project development, which is the meaning and value of “participatory theatre”. Core members of the team hope to establish a model and production structure for public to participate in creation and performance.

Conceived by Chung Siu Hei, Mok Ka Yan, Tam Yuk Ting Anne and Alice Wong

「在家創作 WOW from home」 計劃旨在研究在科技及社交媒體的演進下,「參與式劇場」「沉浸式劇場」及/或「紀錄劇場」轉移到網上創作、排練與展演的可能性。研究計劃將從「線上觀眾互動」、「公眾參與」等範疇開展研究,同時探索不同線上社交軟件(如:線上會議、聊天室)如何開拓「參與式劇場」的發展、意義與價值。

「在家創作 WOW from home」 獲西九文化區管理局「藝術紓困計劃2020」資助,於2020年9月至2021年初開展先導計劃,計劃成員期望透過先導計劃確立一個能夠容納不少於三十名公眾參與創作和演出的模式及製作結構,為未來更大型的演出項目奠定創作基礎。


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